Bonnie Singer has been a TV and radio producer in the advertising industry for over 20 years. During that time she directed upcoming talent and those who were already established actors to perform at their highest potential. She combines her creative and directorial skills along with her knowledge of yoga, meditation and relaxation techniques to help guide individuals to feel more comfortable and confident.



You'll learn how to:

  • Connect more fully to what you are saying
  • Express yourself with ease and have fun in the process
  • Cultivate tools to help change your speech patterns 
  • Build and project confidence


"Bonnie gave me the confidence to break out of my comfort zone, to experiment and find my true acting voice."                                                                                Eileen Platt, Recording Actor/Reader - JBI


"Bonnie sharpened my business presentation skills tremendously, improving my ability to connect with an (often dry) audience, make key points and project expertise and confidence!"  Camille Leon,  E-Business Strategist


"During my time with Bonnie I not only rediscovered my voice, I also became more open toward the people around me."               Malik Shawn N.,  IndyKids

"Since I had just arrived from Korea, Bonnie helped me with my new language skills. Now I am more comfortable with people and have many friends"  Sungok Hong


Contact: bonniersinger@yahoo.com